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How to Read the Motivator Chart

To interpret your results you will need to understand how to read the motivator graph.

The Motivator Chart

Your IndigoPathway results display your motivator scores on the What Motivates You tab, ranking relative passion for each of the six Motivators.

Your motivators are ranked in order from most important to least important, with the 1st being the motivator with your highest score and the 6th being the motivator with your lowest score. The motivator score is a percent, listed below the graphic for each motivator.u00a0

Notice where your scores are particularly high or low. This can reveal areas where your motivators may be outside the mainstream and could lead to passion or conflict. The further a score rises above mainstream, the more you may feel passionate about that motivator. The lower a score, the more negative you probably feel about that motivator. Essentially, this is a u201cde-motivatoru201d. What turns you u201coffu201d is just as valuable to notice as what gets you jazzed. It can sometimes explain why certain people are resistant to different activities or canu2019t get along with people who have a motivator opposite to theirs.

Motivator Ranking vs. Intensity

When looking at the What Motivates You section, look at your ranking first (ranking is the order in which the motivators appear). Whether the numerical score is very high or around average, the top two Motivators are the most important to look at. If the third Motivator is also high, it is generally worth thinking about as well.

Now, look at the intensity of the scores. When a person has passionate (very high) motivator scores it is probably a defining characteristic of who they are. If you have passionate scores, think about how they might stand out in your life and how you can use your passion in practical ways.